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Nathan Vancil
Born in Florida
2 years
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Life story
February 13, 2003

Nathan was conceived out of love on Thursday, February 13th of 2003. Almost Valentine's day.

We found out it was a boy on June 13th, 2003. I was 17 weeks pregnant.

We had our first actual glimpse of him, around 38 weeks. He was gorgeous and healthy.

November 7, 2003

Weighting in at 6lbs and 4oz

measuring 21 inches.

Cute as ever.

                      I present to all -THE SNUGGLE MAN-

November 7, 2003
Nathan Christopher Vancil entered this world on Friday, November 7th at 7:25pm when we met him for the first time.
I had no idea that it was possible to love someone that much, even though we had just met. He spent his first night at the nursery, but i couldn't wait the next morning to hold him and love him.
We were sent home on sunday. The car ride was long and cautious. My heart would skip a beat at every intersection. But we were home.
Honestly i felt at home ever since i held him the first time.
December 12, 2003

This was nathan's first pic with santa...he was so tiny and sleepy. But santa was a true sport he showed him off as best as possible.

January 23, 2004
Me and nathan being happy as ever...he had just learned how to smile and was giving me kissies and smiling.
March 12, 2004
His smiley face glowing because he was getting washied!
April 10, 2004
This was nathan's first easter. He was all smiles with the portrait lady. He enjoyed  so much having his picture taken. I'm glad.
May 22, 2004
There was nothing nathan liked more than his was his only consolation in times of sorrow.
June 20, 2004
Nathan had recently learned how to sit; so he would just sit there and play with his nearby toys, being a cutie!
July 4, 2004
This was nathan's first fourth of july, we stayed inside because he was scared of the noise from the fireworks...he looked kinda worried here!
August 14, 2004

BIG standing man. He was all over the house grabbing on to the walls the couches and cruising, also he was always willing to smile for the camera.

September 18, 2004
This was nathan sitting next to mami by the computer and looking, the aide of photoshop enhanced the black and white.
October 14, 2004
This was Nathan's first halloween. We did'nt go trick or treatin, instead we got pictures taken. Nathan looked so cute in his costume, and the camera loved him.
November 7, 2004
One year...we happily celebrated his one year Bday, he was so much into spongebob we got him a spongebob cake and had a small gathering at home. with a  bunch of people that loved & cared for Nathan.
December 10, 2004

Nathan's christmas picture. Wasn't he adorable?

January 29, 2005
 This was on a warm day in january that we drove down to key west. Nathan didn't want to leave he wanted to stay playing in the fine white sand forever!
February 18, 2005
Nathan had just learned how to self feed, and he was doing a wonderful job at it. Eating up all his food.
March 1, 2005

We had this slide at home for the longest time and this was the first time nathan climbed up slid down on it. How ironic that maybe a year later that happy climbing experience would had opened other less fortunate clombing opportunities.

April 6, 2005

Nathan made this robot...with a lil help!

May 20, 2005
Nathan contently napping on the couch after a long morning of playing around.
June 17, 2005
Nathan was crying because i had turned off the tv and told him no more spongebob. Aw the humanity!
August 8, 2005
September 19, 2005
Nathan inside the basket looking cute, being cute as always.
October 18, 2005
Nathan's second halloween...since he was so cute the first time around , he dressed up gladly as tigger again.
November 6, 2005

That was his second Bday. I was so proud. Nathan loved going to chuck e cheese so we celebrated his day there...he had such a happy glow!

those clothes were tha actual clothes he wore on his viewing and when he was cremated,

January 3, 2006
Nathan sporting the holiday glow, in front of our christmas tree.
January 21, 2006

Nathan playing inside a bounce house during a neighbor's birthday party. He was serious about not wanting to smile for me.

February 2, 2006

This was the last known pic i took of nathan just being content eating cookies.

That was his happy I'm getting cookies face!

February 24, 2006
This was a pic taken by a professional as an entry for miami's most photogenic baby 2006. He didn't win that contest but he had everyone won during the photo shoot!
March 10, 2006

Passed away on March 10, 2006 at the age of 2.

Here the image that not many got to see. Nathan close to his final moment.

Still beautiful as ever.

November 7, 2006
This is Nathan's current dwelling...he rests comfortably near us and always in sight. I promised that once we find the place we want to live for the rest of our lives then i'd bury his remains. But he's at home right there and always will be.